• Sun Valley, Hollywood's original ski Shangri-La, was founded in 1936 by Averell Harriman
  • "Remember this festival as it is now, cause it's gonna be big"
  • Vision Award Winner Little Accidents
    Vision Award 2014 winner Little Accidents, Producers Jason Berman, Anne Carey, Tom Fore, Summer Shelton
  • Zack Spiger, Run, wins the Focus, for best cinematography
  • SVFF Day Three Recap

    SVFF Day Three Recap

    More films and innovative programming continues with WIP, Future Filmmakers Forum and Lounge Talks. And Those Darlins rock the Awards Bash. Watch now. Read More »
  • SVFF Day Two Recap

    SVFF Day Two Recap

    Coffee Talks commence, conTent explodes, show-runners share, and films fill up on day two. Watch now. Read More »
  • SVFF Day One Recap

    SVFF Day One Recap

    Rowdy read at Screenwriters Lab, roaring applause at opening films, and rocking music kickoff this year’s festival. Watch now. Read More »
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